Google Rankings Getting a Big Change Tomorrow

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses - Business Insider

On Tuesday, April 21, Google is making a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone or tablet.

The algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on) and ranking them higher in search. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will get demoted.

Apparently there is some worry that small businesses will be hurt by this. After all, they’re the most likely to have websites that were built on the cheap and haven’t been properly updated in years.

I see their concerns, but come on, it’s 2015 and we’re a good 8 years into the mobile web revolution. If you haven’t made your site responsive yet, shame on you. When we live in a world where you could skip hiring a freelance developer altogether by making a Squarespace site, I really don’t think there’s a good excuse for not having a modern website.