Let People Like Things

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I saw this article about $30 million worth of Funko Pop figures needing to be destroyed pass by in my feed today. I don't own any Funko Pops and they've just never quite appealed to me. I see them everywhere, but I just haven't been tempted to get into them at all.

I had an instinct (more on this here) to share something on Mastodon about this. Something to the effect of, "now do the rest."

Why the hell did I think to post that?

It's stupid, petty, and makes me sound like Funko Pops are one of my least favorite things in the world. But like…I don't even think about Funko Pops, and other people liking them has absolutely zero downside for me. In fact, it's acually kinda nice to see someone who has a figure of a character I like as well and it turns into a conversation starter.

I'm not sharing this as a clever way to post my dickish post here instead, I'm posting more to say that all of us get that urge to share some spicy, asshole post, even when we don't really care about the thing and there's no real upside to posting it. What we do with that urge determines what type of social media we get to experience.