Off the Tracks (a Final Cut Pro X movie)

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I learned to edit in iMovie and then upgraded to Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Premier. I love editing video, and my brain was trained for a good decade or so to use the now classic non-linear timeline. Final Cut Pro X broke my brain, and the brains of many others in 2011 when it changed everything.

I've since given FCPX another shot and I think it's a brilliant piece of video editing software, and it makes the workflows of all other major players look archaic. by comparison. This movie looks like a Final Cut Pro X advertisement, but I'm pretty sure it's just being made by people who love FCPX and want to the world to know it.

I don't know how good this movie is going to be, but one line in this trailer stood out to me. Someone says everyone has a story in them and FCPX allows more people than ever to tell their stories. This carries a lot of water with me when I look at the YouTube community and see just how many of them are using Final Cut and are loving it. If you can break your habits just for a second and embrace this new way of edit on its own terms, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how great this tool has become since its 2011 launch.