Should You Install the iOS 10 Public Beta (July 25 update)?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Yes! (but keep reading)

The iOS 10 beta has come a long way in in the 6 weeks since it's been out in the world. And while it is not as stable as a standard release, I think it's gotten to a place where I can feel pretty confident anyone reading this blog is probably savvy enough to be careful and install this beta and not get burned.

It is still a beta of course, so things could go horribly wrong if the planet align a certain way, so do a backup before installing any beta just to be safe. Having a less than great beta experience isn't great, but it's way worse when you don't have the option to go back to a stable OS.

So go forth and enjoy all that iOS 10 has to offer! You'll probably be fine, but read below for the known issues I have been made aware of in both my usage as well as what I've heard from other people who have already been recklessly running the earlier betas.

What's still wrong

Things can still go horribly wrong. I’ve heard one report so far of the installation locking up and causing someone to lose some data. This has not been my experience, but it is always possible, and is something you need to know before using any beta software. Make a backup!

Battery life is pretty damn decent, especially for a beta. My phone was still better on iOS 9, but it's certainly not unusable.

Safari View Controller is a buggy mess. It doesn't seem to understand the size of my screen on either the iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6s Plus. Most videos play at about 1,000% the size of my screen so I have to switch to the full Safari app to view some content.

iOS crashes are still a thing in this beta. I've had a couple hard crashes per day, and there doesn't seem to be any strong correlation between what causes them. I had one crash near the end of a RunKeeper exercise that wiped out 45 minutes of exercise records.

YouTube works, but I have had issues with it recognizing rotation so videos all play in portrait orientation, even though they should go landscape. There’s also a glitch with buttons flat out disappearing (although still functioning) along the top as you navigate the app. Actually, a YouTube update was just pushed out tonight that fixes the above issues.

Reeder mostly works, but I have had many crashes when trying to open articles, save them for later, or sharing them via the share sheet. Again, not unusable but frustrating.

Bank of America doesn't work for some users, so beware if that's you banking app (Chase is fine though).