A Look at Sony's Q3 2015 Financial Results

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Sony announced their Q3 2015 earnings (October-December) yesterday and they're were a pretty mixed bag. They had an overall 0.5% increase in revenue, but a lot of areas were down. Here's a breakdown of each category:

Essentially, Sony got better at selling entertainment while they got worse at selling hardware. But what about raw revenue numbers (all numbers in US billions)?

Looks like their gaming division is what's keeping them in the black. Not only is it making the most money, but it's one of only 3 categories that are on the rise. Sony is putting a lot of their focus on gaming (specifically the PlayStation 4) and it's paying off for them. Not only is the PS4 outselling the competition by almost 2x, but it's also the second fastest selling game console of all time (PS4 is at 36 million units sold today, the Wii had sold a ridiculous 45 million at this point).

My big takeaway from this report is that Sony will most likely be pushing even harder on its entertainment divisions in the near future. Their phones are simply not getting traction in the market1, TV sales are slowing down as budget brands like Vizio are stealing customers from the high end, and their imaging division2 is really not going to see an uptick ever again unless people mysteriously start to dislike their smartphones. They're making good progress in movies and music, but games are the big money maker and it's still on the rise. I'm looking forward to see what Sony does in 2016, and as a gamer, I'm extremely excited at the idea of Sony putting even more energy into the PlayStation line.

Yes, I know that image is unsettling if you're not familiar with the meme.

  1. I know 1 person with a Sony phone, it's actually nice. 
  2. Mostly digital cameras.