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Why I Liked the Android 10 Update

This can only go well, right? This was actually a video I made in September but didn’t feel like posting right away. As the description and title cards try to make exceptionally clear, this is not a video bashing Android, it’s just fun to see Android folks praise the virtues of things iOS either has […]

Podcast #192: Why We Don’t Take Android Tablets Seriously

Android tablets just haven’t caught on, and today I dive into some reasons why I think that’s the case. This episode was inspired by this conversation on the Android Authority Podcast. I also used some different theme music today, so let me know on Twitter if you like it!

Android OS Updates Install 6x Faster than iOS Updates

As someone who spends time in the iOS and Android worlds, I install a lot of updates. And while these are a pain on iOS, they’re nearly transparent on Android, and I made this video to try and show just how drastic the difference is.

Round 3: Night Sight vs iPhone XS

I did one more shoot with Night Sight on a Pixel 3 and an iPhone Xs which lead to this message from my wife: She knows me well… As with the other comparisons, the first photo will always be the iPhone and the second will be the Pixel. This first one is a wild difference, […]

On Camera Comparisons

I’ve done quite a few camera comparisons over the past couple years, and they continue to be one of the more popular things on the site. I find them really interesting because they can lead to really surprising results…in certain situations. Let me explain. So whenever I share a photo comparison and don’t tell people […]