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The Broken Promise of Android Treble

Google surprised everyone when they announced the Android Pie (then just Android P) beta would be on more than just Google’s own phones this year. The full list was: Sony Xperia XZ2 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Nokia 7 Plus Oppo R15 Pro Vivo X21 OnePlus 6 Essential PH‑1 Not a bad list! I mean it […]

Android Pie Review: All the Little Things

This was originally going to be a longer review with more than 2 short parts, but as I looked at what else had changed in Pie compared to Oreo, I found myself at a loss for how much could be said about each change. There’s a fair number of things happening behind the scenes, but […]

Android Pie Review: Gesture-Based Navigation

Android has never been my favorite operating system, as evidenced by my numerous Android reviews, but I always hold out hope that “this is the year” they win me over. I’ll begin this piece by saying that Google has indeed not won me over in 2018 either. Android Pie is a fine update to the […]

Let the Android Update Timer Begin!

Every year it’s the same story: Google announces new Android version in the summer and says “this time it’s different” in terms of software updates. Google launches the new version of Android in the summer/fall for Pixel devices. All other phone makers take 6 to 12 to forever to update to the new OS. This cycle […]