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Night Sight vs NeuralCam (quick, incomplete comparison)

Here’s a shot taken on the iPhone Xs: And here’s the same scene taken with the Pixel 3a: Not so pretty right? Well here’s Google’s much lauded Night Sight doing its best: And here’s NeuralCam doing it’s best in this same insanely low light situation: Due to WordPress liking to cache images, you might not […]

How Keyboard Maestro Saves Me Tons of Time at Work

You’ve probably heard a million times how great Keyboard Maestro is, but you likely have the same question as everyone else: this seems cool, but I don’t know how to use it. I can’t tell you how you should use it, but I can show you a few examples of how I get work done […]

The Best Calendar App for the Apple Watch

Check out my first review for The Sweet Setup to find out! In short, the app needs need to embrace the numerous avenues you might want to use to interact with it. A nice app interface is welcome, but the best apps focus on great experiences from notifications and all watch faces.

Today’s Forecast Status Update

8 months ago I released my first app to the iOS App Store: Today’s Forecast. The app was intended to be the weather app I’ve always wanted to use, and I did a really good job of doing that. It’s still the weather app I have on my home screen and I use it everyday. […]