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Take care of your customers with Smallchat

Smallchat is a new product from Nicer Studio that is built to help you chat with customers on your website in real time. Unlike other tools I’ve seen like this, Smallchat is built on Slack.

Apple’s new Clips app can do more than you think

A lot of the talk I’ve seen online about Clips, the new video app Apple released last week, has been far more surface-level than I’m used to from Apple fans. People seem to think this is an app for taking quick single clips, adding a filter or sticker and posting that to the social app […]

The best WordPress app for Mac: Ulysses

I personally was looking for a new CMS to move BirchTree to this winter, but the wonderful workflow that Ulysses enables for me is a major reason I’m sticking with WordPress for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a look at why.