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Reporter for iOS

I got a lot of questions about Reporter, which I used to track a lot of my numbers this year. This video should be helpful to those wondering what the heck it does. This should help. You can download Reporter on the App Store.

Nike+ Run Club Review: Brilliance Marred by a Few Bugs

I’m starting to think I should just write my own damn workout app for the Apple Watch. That’s how I feel after trying out yet another running companion for my Apple Watch, [Nike+ Run Club]. I’ve used plenty of the other options out there already, and I always go back to [RunKeeper]. RunKeeper has the best mix of ease of use, stability, and options. I’ve tried everything from Runtastic to Strava to Map My Run to Apple’s built in Workouts app, but they all have quirks that keep me away. RunKeeper is not without its own issues (such as telling me I’m about to embark on a 4.99km run every time I start up a 5km run), but it beats out the rest.

Television Time 1.3: It’s All About the Little Things

Television Time is one of my favorite single-purpose apps on iOS, so I’m always looking forward to updates and new features. The app got a notable point release last week, and I was of course looking on with great interest. Version numbers are a trick and arbitrary thing, so I wasn’t sure whether to expect a big update with a bunch of new features or if this would be a “bug fixes” update that’s not worth talking about.