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Ipsum: Removing the Friction from Journalling

I’ve been playing around with Ipsum, the new app from developer Sam Ghobril, and it’s a unique app that could be a great fit for some people who like the idea of keeping a journal, but can never make it stick. Ipsom’s one line pitch is essentially that it is the easiest journalling app you’ve […]

Television Time Giveaway! (UPDATE: all gone)

UPDATE: All promo codes have been claimed. Thank you everyone who responded and I hope you are enjoying the app! Television Time is an excellent iOS app for tracking your favorite TV shows so that you never miss an episode. It’s a great app whether you watch 3 or 30 shows regularly. I personally love […]

Alfred 3 Review: More Power Than Ever

There are few apps on my Mac that I find as indispensable as Alfred. In terms of apps that help me get my work done, it’s right up there with Photoshop, Atom, and Ulysses in letting me be as productive as I need to be. This is why when I saw earlier in the week […]

One Size Software Does Not Fit All

I got into a small debate last night on Twitter about how I use Apple News and why I don’t think it’s a good RSS reader for my use case. Earlier in the day, MacRumors posted a rumor that Apple is working on a feature that will like you unlock your Mac with TouchID on […]

Television Time Review

Television Time is an app that allows you to keep track of your television shows in a simple, elegant way, and it is the best TV trading app I have ever used. It achieves this status by being remarkably easy to use, having a particular killer feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and being […]