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Why both customers and merchants should adopt Apple Pay ASAP

I’ve been a big proponent of Apple Pay for as long as it has been around. It was launched in late 2014 just after the iPhone 6/6 Plus release, and it would be fair to say adoption was slow at first. Apple announced a modest list of partners they were working with to get this payment option out that year, but anyone who did the math knew that list of merchants was nowhere near enough to let anyone leave their wallet at home. A little over 2 years later we’re closer to that reality but there is definitely still a ways to go.

Apple Pay Seriously Drives Sales

USA Technologies, Inc ran a 6 month study that “targeted point-of-sale advertising of Apple Pay” and the results are impressive, if not that surprising. The study essentially seems to have looked at sales before and after adding a “pay with Apple Pay” sticker to their vending machines.

How to Get Apple Pay on the Web

As it stands today, Apple Pay works in 2 environments: Physical retail via NFC “tap to pay” In-app via the iOS Apple Pay API These are a great start, and they take care of a lot of the transactions that people make on a regular basis, but there’s one area that isn’t covered: the web. […]

Now is the Time for Apple Pay to Strike in the US

The switch to EMV in the United States sure has been a mess, hasn’t it? Whether you’re a customer or a merchant, the conversion has likely been expensive at worst, inconvenient at best, and confusing all the way through. The conversion for merchants has been less than smooth. A study by CardFlight from last month […]

The Future of Payments is not QR Codes, it’s Apple Pay

Yesterday Walmart rolled out their own payment system called Walmart Pay. Its aim is to get Walmart shoppers to start paying with their phones. As for phone payments, I support Walmart for trying to get on board with what is so clearly the way of the future. However, as I snidely remarked on Twitter, I […]