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Hey Siri, How Does One Regain Trust?

John Gruber on the fact Apple has human listening to a random assortment of Siri requests: Apple literally advertises on the basis of its user-focused privacy policies — but apparently the billboards should have read “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone, except for some of your Siri recordings, which we listen to.” This story […]

Other Uses for Night Sight Photos

I’m a big fan of Night Sight mode on the Pixel line of phones. Qualms about it being a separate mode or making scenes look different from how they look to the naked eye are fine, but as an additive mode to all the normal photo modes on Pixels, I’m still a fan. But one […]

A More Positive Take on Apple Card

Apple’s Strategy with Apple Card – Tech.pinions Casual observers of Apple will remark that releasing a credit card is out of character from Apple. I disagree as forming an opinion on this matter depends entirely on what you believe Apple is as a company. Is Apple a computer company? Services company? Product company? Technology company? […]

Apple Card and a “New” Apple Inc.

Apple Card is the product that finally killed the Apple fan in me – TNW Well, it’s happened. Apple is no longer a creator of attractive goods and services you want in your life, now it’s officially a financial institution following profit at all costs, wooo! Join me in giving a round of applause to […]

The Things That Keep Me Using an Apple Watch

The one feature that keeps me using the Apple Watch – Lee Peterson Since losing my activity data in this watchOS beta period I’ve come to realise how I use it has altered since owning the original. I’ve also taken a break from it and come back all because of one thing – my calendar. […]