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2 years with my favorite accessory: Apple Watch

Two years ago today, I was sitting at home, waiting for UPS to deliver the device I had spent years waiting for Apple to make. After years of using a Pebble and being very impressed with Apple’s September 2014 demo of the Apple Watch, I was amped up for this. It was a Friday, and I took the day off of work so I could be at home all day to make sure I didn’t miss the delivery. UPS’s website assured me it was “Out for delivery” all day, but the hours ticked by, my Twitter feed filling up with people unboxing their Apple Watches. I was growing a little worried.

The most evolved representation of the iPhone

Jony Ive said this in the design video for the iPhone 7 last September, and the line struck me at the time as an indication that this was the ultimate form of the original iPhone design. Like any truly great design, they’ve chipped away at all the loose edges of this 2007 design and made it better along the way. They’ve made it thinner, lighter, have better screens, narrower bezels, better speakers, waterproofing, and just generally added higher quality materials. The iPhone 7 is an astonishingly well-made phone.

Is this the first iPhone 8 leak?

We’ve made it all the way to April without so much as a peep from the supply chain on any leaked parts from this fall’s new iPhone. That may have changed this morning as a someone posted what could be the schematics for the new phone to Weibo.

Apple’s new Clips app can do more than you think

A lot of the talk I’ve seen online about Clips, the new video app Apple released last week, has been far more surface-level than I’m used to from Apple fans. People seem to think this is an app for taking quick single clips, adding a filter or sticker and posting that to the social app […]