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It’s hard out there for a Mac lover

It’s hard being a Mac user these days, isn’t it? It seems like you’re getting hit on two fronts right now. On the one side, Apple is slowing down on iterating on Mac hardware, and Windows-based PCs are starting to get faster in not-insignificant ways. On the other side you have iPad users who are like “come on man, you know the iPad is the future!” What are you to do?

Skating to where the puck is going to…aw crap!

“Skate to where the puck is going to be.”

That’s a classic line Apple fans like to quote when talking about the company. I’m sure it induces epic eye rolls from Apple detractors, but I think it is an accurate representation of what the company aspires to achieve. Looking at the critical response some have had to the new MacBook Pro (USB-C is coming, but it’s not everywhere yet…#DongleLife) and to the iPhone 7 (wireless is clearly the future, but we’re not there yet), you can see Apple is still thinking like this. Apple has been doing this forever, and it’s one of the reasons they continue to be seen largely as a forward-looking company.

Concept: iOS 11 Home Screen

The home screen is certainly more advanced than it was in 2007 in the first iteration of iPhone OS, but it has not grown at the same rate as the rest of the platform. This has caused significant fatigue from some users, especially those in the tech press, and Apple is overdue to make some serious changes to this basic UI.

Here’s my take.

Concept: iOS 11 lock screen

iOS 11 will all but surely be revealed at WWDC in June this year, and I would expect something to change on the lock screen there. So before Apple shows us what we’re getting in iOS 11, I decided to design my own new lock screen for iOS.

What if you put iOS on a Mac?

iOS made the jump to tablets in 2010 (it was still named [iPhone OS], which was a little awkward), but it’s remained a “mobile” operating system since then. Everything that runs iOS is a flat, battery powered, touchscreen computer. The idea of a Mac running iOS may illicit horror in the hearts of some, but I find the idea is utterly fascinating.