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Some More Put-Together Thoughts About Today’s Apple Announcements

I recorded my reactions podcast this afternoon, literally minutes after the event ended, so all i had were hot takes. But now, several hours later, I’ve had time to digest everything and have slightly refined feelings on the two main products they unveiled. Apple Watch Series 5 This is my darling product and I of […]

Micahel Tsai on Apple’s Odd Response to Project Zero’s Disclosure

Michael “blogs” 😉 Most people would consider “fewer than a dozen” to be “a small collection.” But in Apple-speak, there were “a small number” of corrupt App Store binaries causing crashes, and “a small number” of MacBook Pro users experiencing butterfly keyboard problems, not to be confused with the “very small number” of iPhones that […]

Apple’s iPhone Event Invites: Hidden Clues or Just Like…Invites?

This keeps coming up on podcasts this year, so let’s look at the last 10 iPhone event invites and see what clues they held. 2019 Announced iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Arcade (new info) Apple TV+ (new info) Connection I give this one a decent, if […]

Hey Siri, How Does One Regain Trust?

John Gruber on the fact Apple has human listening to a random assortment of Siri requests: Apple literally advertises on the basis of its user-focused privacy policies — but apparently the billboards should have read “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone, except for some of your Siri recordings, which we listen to.” This story […]

Other Uses for Night Sight Photos

I’m a big fan of Night Sight mode on the Pixel line of phones. Qualms about it being a separate mode or making scenes look different from how they look to the naked eye are fine, but as an additive mode to all the normal photo modes on Pixels, I’m still a fan. But one […]