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Create and Open Zip files on Your iPhone or iPad (with Shortcuts)

One relatively common action that people do frequently on their computers is opening (and sometimes creating) Zip files. iOS doesn’t do this by default, but there are some apps that let you do this. Even easier though, we have Shortcuts, which lets us do this super easily and totally for free. I f you tap […]

So, About that Original Apple Pencil Design

Me, 7 months ago: Now I’ll admit, the Pencil can look a little silly when it’s sticking out of the side of the iPad when it’s sitting on its side, but it comes with some serious benefits as well. Let’s take a look at Apple’s options for charging the Pencil and see how they stack […]

The Best Calendar App for the Apple Watch

Check out my first review for The Sweet Setup to find out! In short, the app needs need to embrace the numerous avenues you might want to use to interact with it. A nice app interface is welcome, but the best apps focus on great experiences from notifications and all watch faces.

9 Months With HomePod

I’ve had a HomePod in my life since they released on February 9 this year and I’ve used mine everyday. Since then I’ve even bought a second HomePod and have tried them out in a bunch of different setups. I wanted to talk about that as well as revisit my original review and see if […]

iPhone Xs vs OnePlus 6 Fast Charging

OnePlus phones are known for having best-in-class fast charing, and now that I have one of these guys, I had a few questions: How fast is Dash Charge? How much faster is it than charing on the newest iPhones? Despite the Android community’s love of open standards, the OnePlus line has garnered lots of love […]