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Smart Watches Have No Actual Purpose

I think a problem with advertising smart watches is that the things they do best are not particularly “sexy” features. I love getting texts on my wrist, and I triage my personal email extremely well from the watch as well. Unlocking my MacBook without lifting a finger is a dream. Checking the Weather on my watch is incredibly simple and almost always everything I need. Even having Siri on my wrist is a huge asset.

Living That Dongle Life

As we all know, the new MacBook Pros are eliciting quite a bit of frustration from the professional crowd. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest thing I see sticking after almost a month of letting these machines ruminate in our collective conscience, is anger over the ports. In other words, #donglelife.

Ben Brooks on Abandoning the Apple Watch

I understand where Ben is coming from, but it takes very little time to fix this. Notification overload is certainly possible with a smart watch, as it’s harder to ignore a tap on your wrist than a buzz in your pocket. I solved this early on in my Apple Watch usage by cutting out some of the apps that were sending me excessive notifications. My mentality is that any notification I get is something I will likely want to act on.

Cheap Nike Apple Watch Band Knock Off Review

I got this one for $10 on eBay and it’s pretty crappy. The rubber feels incredibly cheap and the lugs barely fit when you try to connect it to the Apple Watch. I would go on, but I honestly don’t know what else you need to know. Don’t bother with this band.