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The Tech Press Loves a “Nasty Surprise” from Apple

There is a trend in reporting on the new iPhone line up, and it’s calling tons of things a “nasty surprise.” Here’s a couple I found from a quick Google search: You can even go back to last year for more examples of this term being thrown around. To be clear the things that are […]

The Apple Watch Continues to Transform the Watch Industry

Why Men Are Wearing Watches That Don’t Tell Time – WSJ With smartphones practically glued to our palms at all times and smartwatches muscling in, traditional timepieces are just no longer as vital as they once were in any practical sense. Fears among watch execs that the Apple Watch, introduced in 2015, would snatch up […]

Apple Entertainment Pricing and Feature Speculation

The Information is reporting that Apple is looking at creating a single subscription that gets users access to TV, music, and news, all for one monthly or annual fee. I think this makes total sense, is exactly what Apple should be trying to make work. Fast forward 12 months and I expect Apple to have […]

Understanding Shortcuts in iOS 12

There is some confusion out there about what Shortcuts are and how nerdy you need to be to use them in iOS 12. I will try to clarify exactly what’s going on.