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Independent Apps on the Apple Watch #WWDC19 (summery)

Check out the full talk here, but I live-tweeted the main points below. Apple Watch apps are now unbundled from the iOS app. This goes for existing apps as well, making downloads smaller, and apps will install from the App Store directly to the watch. All existing watch apps are “dependent apps” and will not […]

Galaxy S10e and iPhone XS Portrait Mode Showdown

You all know the drill by now, so I’ll just get into it. This is a comparison from a walk around town today, focusing on portrait modes on each camera. In every comparison, the iPhone is first and the Galaxy is second Girl Statue Right off the bat we see some big differences in processing. […]

The Fall of Apple?

From Macintosh to Granny Smith: The rise and fall of Apple – VentureBeat Operators like Tim Cook focus the whole org on the “Big to Bigger” picture. That is, how do we take an existing business and scale it? Instead, Cook should focus the company on discovering new customer problems and new businesses. For that, […]

WWDC19 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop

This is becoming a bit of a tradition! WWDC18 iPhone walls WWDC18 desktop walls WWDC17 iPhone, iPad, and desktop walls WWDC16 iPhone walls WWDC16 desktop walls WWDC16 bonus iPhone walls This year’s WWDC has some pretty rad artwork which I think makes for some pretty rad wallpapers. Minimal adjustments were made to these this year […]