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An Android Review for iOS Users: Third Party Apps (Day 1)

We’ll get into some specific Android system features in later pieces, but I had to start with the quality of software available for each platform. I want to talk about what you can actually do with your phone on the two platforms. Your phone is likely the computer you spend the most time with, and it’s an incredibly important tool in our day to day lives. If you told me I had to give up my iPhone or my MacBook, I wouldn’t have to think about it, the MacBook would get the boot. So let’s take a look at the software I use on my iPhone and see how it stacks up to what can be done on Android.

An Android Review for iOS Users: Introduction

This will be a 5 part series aimed primarily at iOS users who are not familiar with Android first hand. Part 1 will be up tomorrow, and will cover the gap in quality of third party apps on iOS and Android. The following pieces will dive deep into home screens, notifications, assistants, and more.

watchOS 4: A Modest Pitch

While Apple did little of what I asked them for last year, I still think watchOS 3 was a great update to the platform. The most significant change was of course with performance, as those who felt their original Apple Watches were slow got a big speed upgrade.

2016, the quantified life

Most people think they know how they spend their time. They think they know how much of their lives they devote to certain things and what is important to them. But as many behavioral scientists will tell you, people are not a good judge of themselves.

Quantifying my life the easy way

Tracking the amount of information I did this year probably puts me in the top 5% of people in the world (god, maybe even higher!), but I didn’t want collecting this amount of data to take over my life. The goal was to be as low impact as possible. If something could be automated, it was automated. If something could be scheduled for maximum convenience, it was scheduled and completed religiously. I wanted to have a huge amount of data bout myself, but I didn’t want it to take up a huge amount of my time.