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Quantifying my life the easy way

Tracking the amount of information I did this year probably puts me in the top 5% of people in the world (god, maybe even higher!), but I didn’t want collecting this amount of data to take over my life. The goal was to be as low impact as possible. If something could be automated, it was automated. If something could be scheduled for maximum convenience, it was scheduled and completed religiously. I wanted to have a huge amount of data bout myself, but I didn’t want it to take up a huge amount of my time.

Amazon Echo Dot review

I’ll probably end up getting Apple’s version of this when and if they release theirs, but in the meantime the Echo Dot is a fantastic addition to my home. Much like when I bought the original Pebble (RIP) watch, I know this is not the epitome of this technology, but it’s a bit of tech that I never want to live without again.

watchOS 3: The BirchTree Review

Apple has finally shipped watchOS 3, the third major version of their still extremely young wearable platform. watchOS shipped in April 2015, with watchOS 2 coming just a few months later in September. As I have made very clear with this site, I have owned an Apple Watch since launch day last April and have worn mine literally every day since then. I have a profound love for my Apple Watch, and can’t see going back to a world without it.

The Awkward Teenage Years of Mobile Payments

CVS got on a lot of Apple Pay fans’ bad sides last week as they announced CVS Pay, yet another mobile payments option. I’m solidly on Team Apple Pay as well, and it frustrates me that CVS is pushing a proprietary payments solution that is clearly less convenient for users and more helpful to CVS. But I’m not upset today, this is what I’m coming to expect these days.

Today Weather: Beautiful weather forecasts

I’m very happy to show off Today Weather for the first time today! Today Weather is a unique weather site that I built to fill a niche that was not properly served before. Specifically, I wanted a weather site that was fast, easy to use, great at hyper-local forecasts, and looked good on all screens. Shockingly, this doesn’t seem to exist yet. Most weather sites you go to are full of useless information, clickbait articles, garrish ads, and most don’t even look that great. Today Weather is an attempt to address all those sins.