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Going from “It Just Works” to “I Just Work”

The “it just works” message pushed by Apple and the company’s fans in the early to mid 2000s was a sometimes tricky pitch to pull off. Of course at the time, Macs were much more intuitive to the average person than Windows1, but it opened them up to criticism when any little thing went wrong. […]

Rating Apple’s watchOS 3 Announcements at WWDC

Apple talked about a lot of stuff at their WWDC keynote today, and there are literally thousands of articles posted today about what they announced. But if you came to this site, you want to hear something about the Apple Watch, so don’t worry, it was the watchOS 3 news that got me the most […]

366 Days of Thinking Deeply About the Apple Watch

We just hit one full year of the Apple Watch’s release and I realized I’ve written a lot about it in that time. I’ve been an outspoken advocate for the value of smart watches in general, as well as a supporter of the Apple Watch as the best smart watch on the market. We’ve had […]

Kobe Bryant and the Drive For Greatness

Image compiled from The LA Times’ amazing graphic. I knew Wednesday night was the last game of Kobe Bryant’s career, but I didn’t really care that much when the Lakers v Jazz game started that evening. I didn’t care that much because the Warriors were playing at the same time and were trying to beat […]

I Tried Google Play Music, but Apple Music Still has my Heart

It seems I am rather unique in my love for Apple Music. While I am surrounded by people in my same world who have abandoned the service for competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music, I am having a blast over here in the Apple Music camp. But why am I happy when so many […]