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A Love Letter to My Apple Watch

There is no shortage of blog posts and podcast episodes with people discussing at length why they stopped wearing their Apple Watch or what drastic changes they think Apple needs to do to make the Apple Watch the least bit useful. I won’t suggest that the Apple Watch is perfect or that it doesn’t have […]

3 Reasons PlayStation VR is the Headset to Beat in 2016

There were a couple moments during Sony’s VR event today where I just knew the PlayStation VR was going to “win” the VR space in 2016. Sony came out swinging with some key talking points that show not only that they are a company that can make cool products, but that they are a company […]

Review: Ulysses Mobile (iPhone-specific review)

Ulysses has long been one of the best text editors on the Mac and their iPad counterpart is a stunning example of high-quality software on a tablet. I love using both of these apps on a daily basis, and they are where most articles you see written here originate. One glaring omission from the Ulysses […]

Review: Remember the Milk 4 (It’s Amazing)

According to my App Store receipts, I bought OmniFocus in early 2012 and it has been my go to task management app ever since. I own it for iOS and the Mac, and while I have experimented with other task managers since 2012, I’m always quick to go back to OmniFocus. No app has been […]

The Best Health, Better Apps, and Outstanding Communication: My watchOS 3 Pitch

Apple first pitched the Apple Watch in September 2014, and they had 3 pillars that the device stood on: timekeeping, communication, and fitness. In my opinion, timekeeping should not be on that list, communication was the right idea but their specifics were off base, and fitness was a home run. Because their messaging was off […]