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How to Download Your Entire Twitter History

Twitter has a surprisingly great data export feature built into the service and taking advantage of it is really easy. Below I have broken down the brief steps needed to get your tweets. When you do your export, you’ll get a ZIP file that contains an index.html file that you can open in any browser […]

Cupertino Kool Aid or: A Return of the Bad Apple

This is a response to my own piece that I wrote last week about how it’s good for Apple to kill old technology and move on to something better. After some further consideration, I am wondering how good a move it really is, since they wouldn’t be replacing the audio port with a new standard, […]

What are TLC, MLC, and SLC NAND Flash Anyway?

I mentioned this on the most recent Bite Size Tech, explaining how the 16GB iPhone uses TLC and the 64 and 128GB iPhones use MLC. As stated in the episode, MLC1 is a little more expensive, but why? I’m not an expert on storage, but I thought this was interesting and wanted to share2. SLC, […]

Using the iPad for: Web Development

This is part 1 in a new series on the site about some false notions out there about what you can and can’t do on the iPad. The iPad has long been criticized for being a “consumption device” and that “real work” still needs to happen on a desktop computer. Last month’s release of the […]

What I Want to See in iOS 10 for iPad

iOS 9 was a good release for the iPhone, but it was a great release for the iPad. Split screen support, enhanced Bluetooth keyboard features, and picture-in-picture really made it a more powerful machine. These features in conjunction with some great app updates over the past few months have really made the iPad is a serious workhorse.