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Using the iPad for: Web Development

This is part 1 in a new series on the site about some false notions out there about what you can and can’t do on the iPad. The iPad has long been criticized for being a “consumption device” and that “real work” still needs to happen on a desktop computer. Last month’s release of the […]

What I Want to See in iOS 10 for iPad

iOS 9 was a good release for the iPhone, but it was a great release for the iPad. Split screen support, enhanced Bluetooth keyboard features, and picture-in-picture really made it a more powerful machine. These features in conjunction with some great app updates over the past few months have really made the iPad is a serious workhorse. 

5 Years and a Book!

Last month I celebrated 5 years of writing at BirchTree, which is quite the milestone. I am extremely grateful for all the congratulations and positive feedback I got that day; it was more than I ever expected and only solidifies my belief that I have the best readers on the internet. One of the things […]

(REVISED) TLS, the June 30, 2016 Deadline, Online Payments, and You

You can dive really deep into this, but in general TLS (or Transport Layer Security) is a security protocol used to send data over the internet. You’ve likely seen this in your travels around the web, but you may not have known it. Any website that starts “https” and has that little lock icon next to the URL is using an SSL or TLS security protocol. This basically makes sure that when you enter data into a website, it’s only going to go where you want it to go. 

How People Really Shop for TVs

There’s been talk of the mythical Apple TV set for years. Apple launched the first Apple TV in 2007, and people have been asking ever since if Apple intends to just make the whole damn set themselves. They’ve left us hanging year after year, defiantly refusing to make one. They seem totally content to leave […]