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The Magnificence of Horizon: Zero Dawn

I am only a few hours into the new PlayStation-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, but it’s already solidified itself as the most visually impressive game I have ever played. Thankfully it has quality gameplay to match, and it has become my early favorite game of 2017. This game is just…wow!

The 50 best iOS games of last year

AppAdvice has put together a great list of the best iOS games from 2016. Not only is the list a solid representation of the best gaming on iOS, but their web designers did a bang up job with the layout of this page. It’s stunning!

Super Mario Run did well, but how does it compare to high end game launches?

It’s being reported that Super Mario Run was downloaded almost 3 million units in its first day. That’s a mighty number indeed, and speaks well to Nintendo’s powerful position in smartphone gaming if they want to claim it, but count me as one of the few tech writers today who were underwhelmed when seeing that number.

Final Fantasy 15 is Fastest Selling Title in Series’ History

Just this morning I reported that Pokémon Sun and Moon had the best first week of sales for any Pokémon game ever, and now we have word that Final Fantasy 15 moved 5 million units (physical and digital) in it’s first day on the market. As you may have already guessed, that’s also the best […]