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The Cost of VR or: Why Sony has a Huge Edge

The HTC Vive is a high powered VR headset, and retails for $799. It’s most similar competitor is the Oculus Rift, which has an entry level price of $599, but you really need to spend $199 more for the controllers that go with it. So no matter which version you go with, it’s $800 for the VR hardware, plus probably another grand or so for a PC that is powerful enough to play VR games at any reasonable resolution.

What Is a “Video Game” Again?

I feel like I first noticed this phenomenon with 2013’s Gone Home, a game about a woman who returns to her childhood home and…I’ll just leave it there. Without spoiling too much, Gone Home does not turn into the horror or action game that you would expect it to. It’s simply interested in telling a story through an interactive world. It plays with 90s nostalgia, which people in my age bracket just eat up, but the story itself is measured, confident, and engrossing.