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Sony Continues to Thrive on PlayStation Revenue

That damn home console market continues to refuse to die as yesterday Sony talked about the state of their “Game and Network Services” division of the company. It was essentially a victory speech as the company outlined all the things that are going well in this part of the company. You can read the entire […]

Microsoft to Have More Powerful Xbox One…Next Year

Last month saw rumors of a new PlayStation console coming this fall, and now we’re starting to hear rumblings that Microsoft is also getting into the new console game a little earlier than many of us were expecting. Kotaku first broke the news yesterday, indicating that Microsoft will be unveiling not one, n=but two new […]

The Video Game Landscape in 2016

The Entertainment Software Association released its annual “Essential Facts” report about the demographics of the video game industry. You can dig into the entire report if you’d like, but here are some of the most interesting findings: 48% of US households have a dedicated gaming device That’s a pretty big “niche” market. I continue to […]

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Comes to Mac and PC

This is more of a public service annoucement than anything else, but Sony just released their version 3.5 update to the PlayStation 4. You can download it now by going to your PS4 and going to Settings>System Software Update and choosing to install the udpate. It only took 5 minutes or less for my system […]