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Video Game Console Sales Sure Look Bleak (if you don’t care about real numbers)

Let’s talk about video games for a second. As always, we have tech pundits talking about the end being neigh for video game consoles, which is why this article caught my eye. There is so much wrong with this article that it’s almost too easy a target. Let’s take things one at a time: Microsoft’s […]

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Comes to Mac and PC

This is more of a public service annoucement than anything else, but Sony just released their version 3.5 update to the PlayStation 4. You can download it now by going to your PS4 and going to Settings>System Software Update and choosing to install the udpate. It only took 5 minutes or less for my system […]

Uncharted 2’s Stellar Storytelling

“That movie looks like a video game” is one of the harshest criticisms you can level against a film. Video games are traditionally terrible story delivery mechanisms, and we’ve only recently gotten anywhere near having stories that aren’t embarrassing1. Even games that are considered to have good stories nowadays are relatively poor compared to the […]

Video Games Are the Last Bastion of Premium Priced Consumer Software

What if I told you that there is a market out there that routinely sells software for over $50 and has a large, thriving market that is happy to pay that amount? If you come from the worlds of mobile and desktop software, you’d probably think that’s crazy talk. Most apps will get laughed out […]

Nintendo May Kill the Wii U by End of Year

Japanese newspaper, Nikkei just reported that Nintendo will cease production of their Wii U by the end of 2016. I predicted last July that Nintendo would kill the Wii U this year: All signs point to Nintendo trying to rush the Wii U out the door to make room for their new home console. It […]