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What if it’s Not the Wii U’s Fault it Failed?

I wonder if the Wii U was doomed from the start. The common wisdom is that the Wii U has failed for many reasons: The name was confusing (is it just a Wii add-on?) The tablet controller wasn’t compelling It was underpowered compared to the competition There weren’t enough games But what if none of […]

Those Damn Game Consoles Just Refuse to Fail

Oh tech press, how you loved to shit all over the Playstation 4 and Xbox One over the past 3 years. Here’s an excerpt from M.G. Siedler’s impressions in November 2013: Color me officially bearish about the latest generation of video game consoles. All the reviewers seem to want to love the PS4, but just […]

The Big Blue Ocean: How the Apple TV Could Disrupt Console Gaming

I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about how I don’t think that the Apple TV in its current form can do much to damage Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s grip on the home gaming console market. The crux of my argument is that games are simply worse on the Apple TV and they won’t make anyone convert. I stand by that position, but there certainly is a possibility that the Apple TV can take over in the future. Here’s how I think they can do it.

Dedicated Gaming Consoles Died Long Ago

I have been pretty vocal in my feelings over the prospect of a device like the Apple TV taking away meaningful market share from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo in the home console market. I really don’t think that those companies have much to worry about in the near future. However, I think that in my […]

Why the PS4’s New $349 Price Ensures Sony will Win the Holiday Season

It’s only October 8 but Sony has just ensured that their PlayStation 4 will win the holiday season. Target accidentally leaked a hint that this was coming, and today The Verge reports that Sony’s console will indeed drop $50 starting tomorrow. Over the past 23 months that they have both been on the market, the […]