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WWDC19 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop

This is becoming a bit of a tradition! WWDC18 iPhone walls WWDC18 desktop walls WWDC17 iPhone, iPad, and desktop walls WWDC16 iPhone walls WWDC16 desktop walls WWDC16 bonus iPhone walls This year’s WWDC has some pretty rad artwork which I think makes for some pretty rad wallpapers. Minimal adjustments were made to these this year […]

Just a Simple Apple Wallpaper

It feels like Apple is trolling me today because not only did they release at least 86 variants of their logo today, but they made all of them crazy tricky to replicate. Soooooooooooooooooo… Here’s a simple Apple logo I made after trying to mess around with one of those many versions. It’s not my best […]

Last Minute Apple Event Wallpaper

Apple has a snazzy six colors Apple logo on their store page right now, so I threw together a quick wallpaper with this specific Apple. There are also a few weights depending on what you like. The files are a massive 7,680px square, so you can really pan and zoom around on any device to […]

Another Apple Event Wallpaper

Apple updated their Apple Events app for the Apple TV today and it of course has its own Apple graphic to go along with it. And in true BirchTree tradition, I’ve made some wallpapers to go along with the artwork. These are, you guessed it, 4k square images that should look good on whatever you […]