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Dallol Volcano Wallapapers

These are a little different from my normal wallpaper style, but I made a few of them that I’m enjoying right now and I hope you do too.

“Matt Walks Around with AirPods” is a thing

These are too fun to make, so I’m feeling pretty confident is saying that the Matt Walks Around with AirPods” is a thing I’m going to do for a little while longer than I expected last week. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am making them!

Custom Slack themes for every single MLB team

This may have been a silly idea, but I made a complete set of Slack themes for all 30 MLB teams. Hopefully you find one that makes you happy not matter who your favorite team is!

Persona 5 Wallpaper

Persona 5 was released last week and it’s a truly marvelous game that’s oozing with style. As I tend to do, I made a wallpaper for my phone to bring a little of that Persona 5 love with me all day.