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8K Pluto iOS Wallpaper

Modern space photography is amazing, and NASA graced us with new photos of Jupiter and Pluto in the past few years that have totally blown me away. I made an updated Jupiter one when Apple removed the old one from iOS 11, and now I figured it was high time we add Pluto to the […]

Sunday Surprise: iOS12’s Shortcuts Wallpapers

I wrote essentially an “explainer” on Apple Shortcuts, coming in iOS 12 and watchOS 5 this fall, and I couldn’t resist but make some wallpapers based on them. As always, these are in super high resolutions (well north of 5K) and can be downloaded here (2.6MB zip). Desktops Full size 6827×3840 Full size 6827×3840 Smartphones […]

Apple Developer Wallpaper (just in time for WWDC)

This editorial artwork for Xcode in the Mac App Store would make for a great wallpaper pic.twitter.com/ywjXSerM4x — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) June 3, 2018 Yes, why yes it would! I’m not entirely sure exactly where that graphic is from, but it looks really cool. WordPress doesn’t like having these at full res (14,400px wide!), so […]