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“Matt Walks Around with AirPods” is a thing

These are too fun to make, so I’m feeling pretty confident is saying that the Matt Walks Around with AirPods” is a thing I’m going to do for a little while longer than I expected last week. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am making them!

Custom Slack themes for every single MLB team

This may have been a silly idea, but I made a complete set of Slack themes for all 30 MLB teams. Hopefully you find one that makes you happy not matter who your favorite team is!

Persona 5 Wallpaper

Persona 5 was released last week and it’s a truly marvelous game that’s oozing with style. As I tend to do, I made a wallpaper for my phone to bring a little of that Persona 5 love with me all day.

Android O Wallpapers

Android O was just announced by Google yesterday, and they didn’t have the good sense to release any wallpapers based on their logo for the latest version of their mobile OS. So, as has become my habit, I made some for them. These are based on the new OS’s logo as shown on their developer website which I have also recreated it in high resolution (2000×2000) so you can use it in as well.