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Gorgeous ‘The Witness’ 4K Phone Wallpapers

The Witness is currently my favorite game of the year1 and I just had to make some nice wallpapers in honor of it. As always, these can be downloaded one at a time below, or you can click this link to download the entire collection. If you enjoy them, please share with your friends! 2 […]

Use AppleScript to make Markdown Links

Markdown Link from Safari is an easy to use and incredibly obviously-named script you can run on your Mac to quickly generate a linked-list post to your clipboard so you can get to writing. Here’s what the result will look like: [{ title }]({ url }) >{ selection } Nothing too fancy, but it’s amazing […]

Goodies: November 10

Today is my wife’s birthday, so no extensive update today. Off to work and then a night on the town. See you tomorrow! New Games The only games that matter this week at Fallout 4, which is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and Rise of the Tomb Raider for the Xbox One. Fallout […]

Goodies: November 3

You can only focus on so many things before everything starts to suffer. I’ve got a little more stuff I need to balance this week, and I can’t devote quite as much time to writing as I usually do.

But that’s okay. It’s good to explore other avenues now and then to see what you love. This week is more about me learning new skills and creating things for other people. If I learn enough and get enough experience, it could have a meaningful impact on where I go from here in life.

Goodies: October 27

No real update this week, everyone. It’s busy times over here at BirchTree headquarters, so we’re getting straight to the good stuff! New Games Halo 5: Guardians (XBO) Divinity: Original Sin Deluxe (PS4/XBO/PC/Mac) The Park (PC) Links of Note In Defense of the New York Times – Stratechery The fact of the matter is that […]