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Goodies: October 20

Super brief Goodies update today. With new Kanye West music, Tim Cook talking about the future of cars, and a new Star Wars trailer, I’m otherwise occupied at the moment. I always put my favorite video of the week here, something that I think you may not have seen. I could put some other video […]

Goodies: October 13

Whoa, did anyone else forget today was Tuesday? I almost forgot to put this together in time! Columbus Day is one of those federal holidays that feel more like a free day off from work than an actual holiday to get worked up about. Besides, giving Columbus his own day feels a little dirty considering […]

Goodies: October 6

Good morning! Dust off your plastic instruments everyone, Rock Band is back! I mean, I’m not getting Rock Band 4, but I kind of wish my friends would get it so I can play without the bulk in my living room. Seriously, if you are close and are picking up the game, let me know! […]

Goodies: September 29

Good morning! I have something to admit: I’ve been meditating every morning for the last couple weeks. I’ve never done meditation before and I have to admit I thought it was a bogus activity that just made a lot of money for those who sell meditation products. And while that second part may be true, […]

Goodies: September 22

It’s so goddamn (can I swear here?) beautiful outside right now! I’m writing this at 6:45 in the morning and the sun is out, the temperature is in the low 60s, and there’s a breeze blowing in the open window. The world is quiet, save for the train station just a few blocks away. I […]