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Goodies: September 15

Well, it appears we all survived the onslaught of Apple news last week and have stumbled into that awkward in-between time in the Apple press where we know what Apple is releasing, but we can’t get our hands on any of it yet. I for one am over the moon for 3D Touch and am […]

Goodies: September 8, 2015

Good morning! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend (non-US readers, I hope you had a lovely normal weekend). There’s an Apple event this Wednesday where the company is expected to announce ALL THE THINGS. A new iPhone is certainly in my future, and the rumored iPad Pro could be exactly the portable computer […]

Goodies: September 1, 2015

Good morning everyone! It finally feels like summer again here in Illinois. Our bedroom faces east, which means the sun shines right in, basically making it impossible to sleep past sunrise. That’s okay, because days like this just make we want to get up and get going. There are runs that need to be run, […]

Goodies: August 25

Good morning, everyone! Video game fans, I hope you took the next couple weeks off of work, because the landscape for the next 2 weeks is dense with new releases. Even though Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain comes out next week, the review embargo dropped, and the reviews are universally stellar. This is […]

Goodies: August 18

Whew, what a weekend! My wife and I finally moved into our new place and it was a ton of work. We started the move on Saturday morning, and by Monday morning, every inch of my body was sore. Lifting, packing, assembling, organizing, unpacking…tons all happens at once, and it takes a toll. Don’t take […]