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Google asserted itself as a new type of platform company at Google I/O 2017

I watched every moment of Google’s I/O keynote with great interest for where the company is headed in the next year. I am a big fan of the company overall, but their platforms such as Android and Chrome OS do not appeal to me that much. I simply think iOS and macOS are superior phone, tablet, and desktop operating systems for just about everything I do, but Google is still a large part of my computing life on those devices.

Remembering Google I/O 2016

Last year’s Google I/O was a big show for the company, and I remember a lot of rumblings from the Apple fanbase that they felt Google was lapping Apple in many ways. The urge to switch was strong with many people right after the conference, and they let us know on their podcasts and blogs. I don’t have numbers on how many people switched, but I doubt it was that many. I personally was not particularly moved by what Google showed