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Android O’s new autofill APIs finally catch up to iOS

Android O was announced last month, and one of the big updates is the autofill API which companies like LastPass are really excited about. LastPass on Android can already fill out some forms for you, but it’s kind of a hack built on top of Android’s accessibility framework. You need to go through a couple steps that aren’t that hard, but is something that throws off many users to the point where they don’t do it.

Are fewer Android phones getting updated recently?

Despite Google’s efforts to get manufacturers to upgrade their phones to the latest versions of Android quickly, new versions of Android are actually getting adoption slower than they used to. “That’s madness,” you say, but oh you would be mistaken.

Is Android O as aggressively boring a release as it seems?

Android O was announced and released to developers in beta form today, and I was very excited to see what was in this new major update. I live half in the Android word as well, so anything new and wonderful for Android is good for me too, so I really want to see something great […]

Why can’t Google keep a low-selling phone in stock?

Seriously Google, what the fuck is going on? The Pixel was released in October 2016, which was 5 months ago. 5 months after launch and I can’t even put money down to have one shipped to me in a couple weeks, instead I have to add my name to a waitlist and they’ll let me know when my model is in stock…maybe.