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Windows on Chromebooks will Burn Microsoft?

Android Central has this piece on why allowing Microsoft Windows to dual boot on Chromebooks will end up ruining, uh, Windows’ reputation. The touted advantages of a simpler, faster and smoother Chrome experience on inexpensive hardware not optimized for Windows may be exaggerated when Windows is “unfairly” assessed in a “side-by-side” on-device comparison. One can […]

A Few Strong Smart Speaker Opinions

One: Amazon got this whole “voice in a can” revolution going, and they deserve tons of credit for figuring that out. When the original Echo was announced, we all thought it was going to flop. Instead, it has heralded a wave of innovation (and $$$) in this new category. This extends to making “flash briefing” […]

iOS is the Best Platform for Google Apps

I really wonder why Google’s release schedules are so far off on stuff like this. https://t.co/d78LDYfWww — Matt Birchler (@mattbirchler) July 24, 2018 I saw that story go by today and I got me thinking again: if you want the best Google software, iOS is really the place to be. That sounds crazy, and maybe […]

Pixel Buds, AirPods, and Power Management

Google is rolling out support for a new feature, turning Pixel Buds off. With a triple tap of the right earbud, you can toggle the earbuds on and off. Pretty simple right? Unfortunately, this also exemplifies one of the reasons I find Pixel Buds to be a less elegant headphone solution than AirPods.