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Grading the Pixel on a Curve

Now I give Rene shit sometimes for always finding the good side of everything Apple does, but he’s right on the money here. Android fans called the iPhone 6 design “tired” from the moment it was revealed. We heard it again in 2015 when the 6s line came out, and we even heard it again in 2016 as the iPhone 7/7 Plus looks very similar to the last iPhone despite getting tons of internal upgrades.

Nexus Owners are Getting the Shaft

This feels to me like Google is demoting Nexus owners to a lower level of Android fans. The entire reason people bought Nexus phones was so that they could stay up to date with the canonical version of Android. They wanted to get the best version of the operating system they love, straight from Google, and for years that’s what they got.

Don’t Buy the Google Pixel from Anyone But Google

My thoughts on the Google Pixel are…complicated. I like what Google is doing with Android, and the Pixel is the ultimate expression of their software that you can buy in 2016. On the other hand, I don’t like the look of the hardware, which at best is uninspiring.