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The Google Pixel Phones

Google announced their new Pixel phones yesterday, and they’re a big mixed bag for me. On a superficial level, I really don’t like how the phones look. I think the dual-material backs look really janky, so much so that I expect next year’s Pixel phone will be lauded for going back to a unified backplate. I also am baffled by the large chin on the bottom of the phone. Android phones have long been able to have smaller bezels on the top and bottom of their phones because they don’t have a physical home button to account for. The iPhone-sized chin on the Pixel phones do not have any input built into them, and are just big chunks of unusable space. I’m also baffled that it’s coming to Verizon only to start. What?!

The Perks of Being an iOS User

Google Photos is one of the most valuable tools on my phone. It’s a wonderfully accessible archive of all the photos I have ever taken. Smart searching is Google Photos’ killer feature, as I can find just about any photo by simply typing the name of something in that photo. Google also makes an awesome […]

Google Didn’t Win Over this Apple Fan at I/O 2016

Each year’s Google I/O is a tough time for me. I’m an iOS user, and have been for many years, but Google’s big annual developer conference always gets me thinking maybe I should switch to the other side. They show off this cool technology that makes me think “whoa that’s amazing, Apple isn’t doing anything […]

Apple Watch vs. Android Wear 2.0

Google showed off their big update to Android Wear this week and the company is calling it the biggest update to the platform yet. Here’s a quick summary of what they’ve added: Watch face complications New app launcher A keyboard for text entry Smart messaging auto-responses Speed This feels like a very small update overall, […]

Why I’m Okay with Putting My Podcast on Google Play Music

Google made some headlines this week when they announced that they will be providing podcasts as a part of their Google Play Music service. Podcasters can submit their shows today and the feature will actually go live in the coming weeks.