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Why can’t Google keep a low-selling phone in stock?

Seriously Google, what the fuck is going on? The Pixel was released in October 2016, which was 5 months ago. 5 months after launch and I can’t even put money down to have one shipped to me in a couple weeks, instead I have to add my name to a waitlist and they’ll let me know when my model is in stock…maybe.

Google Chrome’s frustrating assault on my CPU (and how Kaby Lake Macs would make this 10x better)

In the end we have VP9, which is a file format that allows for reduced file sizes (a pretty big concern for the biggest video website on the internet) and more efficient performance if you can find hardware that supports it. Meanwhile, H.264 creates larger files, but much better rendering performance across almost all existing devices in 2017.

The difference between Google Assistant and Siri

The tech narrative is that Siri sucks and Google Assistant is the second coming. I have been using Siri for years, and have been going 100% in on Android over the last few weeks and have given Google Assistant a solid effort. My experience has been a little different than the popular narrative.

Design at Google has Improved so Much

Remember 5-10 years ago when we were asking the question “will Google get better at design faster than Apple can get better at cloud services?” Well, it’s 2016 and I think the question is pretty clear, Google is winning this race.