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The Sonos One is Basically a HomePod with Google Assistant

Abner Li writing for 9to5Google: Sonos speakers are a step up for most home audio systems and the just added Google Assistant support makes the products even more appealing. The Sonos One and Beam are now frustratingly close to being a better Google Home, but ultimately are not direct replacements, especially if you’re already invested […]

Apple Music Coming to Google Home

I saw this this story on MacRumors tonight and immediately thought about selling my HomePods. I immediately went to my Google Home app to see if I saw the same thing. Hell yeah! Now, I probably won’t, as I enjoy AirPlay 2 enough to probably keep them around, but Apple Music is the primary factor […]

A Minor HomePod Annoyance (timers with multiple HomePods)

The biggest current annoyance I have with the HomePod is how the interact with each other. Basically, if you have multiple HomerPods, none of them know what timers the others are running. So if I set a timer in the kitchen, I can’t make it stop from my HomePod in the living room. There may be some design behind this decision, but it feels wrong and is unlike how the other smart assistants on the market behave. I’d love to see Apple make this work more seamlessly for people like me who are living the multi-Pod lifestyle.

9 Months With HomePod

I’ve had a HomePod in my life since they released on February 9 this year and I’ve used mine everyday. Since then I’ve even bought a second HomePod and have tried them out in a bunch of different setups. I wanted to talk about that as well as revisit my original review and see if […]

A Few Strong Smart Speaker Opinions

One: Amazon got this whole “voice in a can” revolution going, and they deserve tons of credit for figuring that out. When the original Echo was announced, we all thought it was going to flop. Instead, it has heralded a wave of innovation (and $$$) in this new category. This extends to making “flash briefing” […]