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Comparing HDR RAW capture on Lightroom, Halide, and Obscura

I love to shoot photos in RAW on my iPhone. The stock camera app does some excellent magic to get incredible photos, but in some cases I really just want to be old school and get a ton of image data and process things how I want. One of the situations where I appreciate RAW […]

Using an iPad for “Real Work.” No, Not Blogging, my Actual 9-5 Job.

Can I let you in on a little secret? When it comes to “iPads can do real work,” I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I have been using an iPad for 99% of my website and design work at home (including the redesign of this website a few months ago), I have been […]

My Siri Shortcuts (in iOS 12 beta 1)

These are some of the shortcuts I’m using in iOS 12, and they show me a version of iOS that’s more personal than ever before.

Understanding Shortcuts in iOS 12

There is some confusion out there about what Shortcuts are and how nerdy you need to be to use them in iOS 12. I will try to clarify exactly what’s going on.

Grading Apple on My watchOS 5 Suggestions

Apple doesn’t answer to me, so this is of no concern to them, but I wanted to take a look back at my watchOS requests to see how close Apple came to meeting them. Siri Watch Face I asked for: Let third party devs integrate to it. Apple delivered: ✅ They did exactly this! Watch […]