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Grading Apple on My iOS 12 Suggestions

Apple doesn’t answer to me, so this is of no concern to them, but I wanted to take a look back at my iOS requests to see how close Apple came to meeting them. Performance I asked for: Performance improvements, especially on older devices. Apple delivered: ✅ Exactly this! iOS 12 is notably faster on […]

Work Apps in iOS 12

I failed to mention this in any of my notification articles yet, and that’s a damn shame because I think this would be a great feature. Without further ado, here’s what I want. Apps should be able to be marked as “work” apps. This would simply mean they are an app that is useful to […]

Notifications in iOS 12: A Dream

I talked a lot about notifications on Twitter today and I figured it was high time I make a mock up for what I was hoping for in iOS 12. Pardon the hasty design, I did this in less than an hour, but this is a direction I’d be very happy for Apple to take […]

Summer 2018 Browser Speed Test (Mac and iOS Edition)

The major web browsers all have their merits, but what about when it comes to speed? I put the major browsers on the Mac (plus Vivaldi) to the test. For some added flavor, I ran everyhing on the iPad Pro as well.

Draft 5 Actions: The BirchTree Collection

I created a half dozen actions for Drafts that you can use to create tasks, reminders, notes, and look up passwords. These actions allow more power and flexibility than any other actions I have seen for these apps in Drafts.

Apps included are Bear, OmniFocus, Things, Todoist, Due, and LastPass.