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Mocking up more advanced multitasking on iOS

I made the above video as an attempt to imagine what a new app picker would look like in iOS on the iPad. Most would agree the existing solution is less than ideal and needs work.

What if you put iOS on a Mac?

iOS made the jump to tablets in 2010 (it was still named [iPhone OS], which was a little awkward), but it’s remained a “mobile” operating system since then. Everything that runs iOS is a flat, battery powered, touchscreen computer. The idea of a Mac running iOS may illicit horror in the hearts of some, but I find the idea is utterly fascinating.

My Mac workflows that will never, ever work on iOS

It’s high time I acknowledge my web development workflow will never work on the iPad. Likewise my video editing workflow will never work on iOS at all, nor will my podcasting process. Unless Apple forsakes some of the major pillars of what makes iOS so great in the first place, these workflows of mine will never work on iOS.

An Android Review for iOS Users: Conclusion (Day 5)

After a month of using Android as my daily driver, where do I stand? As I’ve let slip a few times in the earlier articles, I did put my SIM card back in my iPhone basically at the stroke of midnight when my month was over. I’m an iOS guy, and iOS simply works better for me. But I knew that going into this whole month of Android, what I really wanted to find out personally was if Android had improved on the things that had long made it not my preferred platform. After this experiment, I’m sad to say that despite it’s strides in some areas over the years, I still find Android to be a less capable, less enjoyable mobile operating system in almost every way.