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What Phones are Getting Updated to iOS 9 and Marshmallow?

A few months ago, I made this chart showing how far back different phone makers were supporting the new mobile OS’s hitting the market. Some things have changed since then and I only felt it necessary to update the chart (different scale and colors, but same point). So the story isn’t quite as dire as […]

What If You Used iOS 9’s Low Power Mode all the Time?

One of my favorite new features of Apple’s iOS 9 is Low Power Mode. This feature is designed to kick in when you reach 20% battery remaining, and give you a little more time before you have to race to a charger. And while most iOS 9 reviews covered this mode briefly and determined it […]

Low Power Mode Preview

The above graph is of my battery life on my iPhone 6 Plus over the 17 hours I was awake yesterday. I am testing how iOS 9’s Low Power Mode impacts battery life, and what sacrifices need to be made to get those benefits. While I am going to write a more detailed overview later […]

3D Touch is the biggest UI change to iOS since multitasking

I think 3D Touch is the biggest thing to change in iOS’s interface since multitasking was introduced in iOS 4. I see the killer feature of 3D Touch on the iPhone to be the quick actions you can perform from the home screen. Good app developers will take advantage of this feature by figuring out […]

Apple’s Next Messaging Push Should be to Venture Online

Yesterday I tweeted this: Come on Apple, you know there’s room on this page to add iMessage in the cloud! Maybe iOS X. pic.twitter.com/8Z5EK2XRcV — Matt Birchler (@mattbirchler) August 17, 2015 I was at work yesterday and was struggling to keep a conversation going with my wife over a combination of iMessage and Twitter DMs. […]