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Greener Grass

Marco Arment wrote a good piece yesterday about how Apple could become the next Blackberry in the smartphone world if they’re not careful. If Google is wrong, and computing continues to be defined by a tightly controlled grid of siloed apps that you poke a thousand times a day on a smooth rectangle of manufacturing […]

What I Want to See in iOS 10 for iPad

iOS 9 was a good release for the iPhone, but it was a great release for the iPad. Split screen support, enhanced Bluetooth keyboard features, and picture-in-picture really made it a more powerful machine. These features in conjunction with some great app updates over the past few months have really made the iPad is a serious workhorse. 

Apple Shouldn’t Copy the Surface and They’re Not

Apple has learned nothing from Microsoft’s Surface – The Verge It also goes far beyond the hardware fundamentals. Apple’s iPad Pro ships with a tablet operating system that doesn’t have true support for a mouse and keyboard. Look, I get it that iOS isn’t caught up to traditional operating systems enough for everyone to move […]

MacID Review

MacID, developed by Kane Cheshire, was released on January 15, 2015, yet it didn’t make it onto my iPhone until about a month ago. Oh, how I had been missing out! MacID facilitates a very elegant way to interact with your Mac in a way that is so good, you wonder why Apple hasn’t done […]

You Can’t Have it All with Twitter Apps

It seems that you can never get everything you want with Twitter on the iPhone. You have a few options with the official app, Tweetbot, and Twitterrific as the 3 most obvious options. I’m not a Twitterrific guy, but I’ve bounced back and forth between Tweetbot and the official app for much of 2015. They […]