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Apple Computer Sales Since 2015

Apple separates out Mac and iPad sales in their earnings reports, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the iPad is a computer, so I decided to combine the company’s Mac and iPad unit sales numbers together to see how their actual “computer” sales have done over the past few years. The result […]

Advancing the iPad

What I Wish the iPad Would Gain from the Mac – MacStories The iPad is already proving a formidable Mac-alternative for some users – what happens if it continues closing the gap by adopting the Mac strengths I’ve listed? If the iPad offered support for multiple instances of an app, was available in a more […]

Holy ****, the iPad Pro

After a month with this thing, and finding I spend almost no time with my MacBook Pro anymore, I can safely say “holy ****, the iPad Pro is a beast!

Computers, iPads, and other computers

I personally don’t really care about this distinction because it turns a practical discussion of what actual people will buy to accomplish their tasks into an esoteric debate about the meanings of very specific words.