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A Download Folder That Syncs

How I’m Using iPadOS – Part One. – Daryl Baxter – Blog To test the download manager, I thought I’d try a random site I used to go to for…certain files once upon a time, and I came in with low expectations. But as expected, it downloaded the file as I would have with my […]

Surface Go Performance Follow-Up

The Surface Go, the most interesting computer Microsoft has released in recent memory, was released a year ago this month. I got mine a few days after launch and posted my review several weeks later…conveniently before the return window closed. Look, I get that this is a $399 device and it’s not going to be […]

Podcast #192: Why We Don’t Take Android Tablets Seriously

Android tablets just haven’t caught on, and today I dive into some reasons why I think that’s the case. This episode was inspired by this conversation on the Android Authority Podcast. I also used some different theme music today, so let me know on Twitter if you like it!

Microsoft Office for iPad: My Beginner’s Guide

I don’t use Word a ton, but when I do I’m usually impressed with how well it works. Those of us who write in text editors will of course not get as much use out of it, but if you work in rich documents or as a team, then Word is pretty darn compelling.

iPad Pro 2018 and 2017 Performance Comparison

Apparently this new iPad Pro really makes me feel productive, because I was able to post yet another tech video to YouTube! This one shows off the performance gains from the 2017 to the 2018 iPad Pros. Motionmark browser benchmark Geekbench 10 minute Ferrite project export 30 second 4K LumaFusion project export Asphalt 9 game […]