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The Difference Between iOS and macOS

Most of all, the iPad feels like a tool. The MacBook is much more like a machine, that needs maintenance and expertise. I feel like, on the MacBook, I need to learn how to do something; looking for this configuration, or for that app — monolithic units of capability.

Should You Install the iOS 10 Beta on Your iPhone or iPad?

You might be tempted to install the iOS 10 beta on your iPhone or iPad, but trust me when I tell you it’s not worth the risks or headaches yet. We’re not even to the public beta yet, and by then I would expect things to be in better shape, but this is not a release that Apple wants in the hands of everyday people.

My Modest Request for a 20+ Inch iPad

I am doing more work from my iPad than ever before in 2016, and I think my workflows are actually better after having move them to iOS. Hell. I’m writing an entire series on the workflows I’m switched over and how they’re working for me. But I still find myself sitting down at my Mac […]