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Advancing the iPad

What I Wish the iPad Would Gain from the Mac – MacStories The iPad is already proving a formidable Mac-alternative for some users – what happens if it continues closing the gap by adopting the Mac strengths I’ve listed? If the iPad offered support for multiple instances of an app, was available in a more […]

Holy ****, the iPad Pro

After a month with this thing, and finding I spend almost no time with my MacBook Pro anymore, I can safely say “holy ****, the iPad Pro is a beast!

Computers, iPads, and other computers

I personally don’t really care about this distinction because it turns a practical discussion of what actual people will buy to accomplish their tasks into an esoteric debate about the meanings of very specific words.

My Mac workflows that will never, ever work on iOS

It’s high time I acknowledge my web development workflow will never work on the iPad. Likewise my video editing workflow will never work on iOS at all, nor will my podcasting process. Unless Apple forsakes some of the major pillars of what makes iOS so great in the first place, these workflows of mine will never work on iOS.