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iPhone SE to iPhone Xs: Three Years of Camera Advances

As fans of tech, always see camera comparisons, but these are usually between either current top-of-the-line phones, or this year’s iPhone/Pixel/Galaxy vs the phone from last year it’s replacing. Sometimes the differences are significant, but usually they’re pretty minor. But what if we looked back more than one year at a time? What if we […]

Why I Personally Prefer the iPhone’s Camera

The iPhone has long been a leader in smartphone photography, and last year the Pixel asserted itself in a big way, immediately becoming many people’s new favorite. While I’ve used every iPhone since the 5 and the Pixel 2 and 3, I personally prefer the iPhone for still photography in most cases. This is not […]

Touch Response on the OnePlus 6, iPhone Xs, and iPad Pro (2017)

The OnePlus 6 is a very nice Android phone (and at less than $600 it’s one of the most affordable high end phones of the year), but one thing that was bugging me was touch response time. Animations feel fast and the phone generally works quite quickly, but there was a slight disconnect between when […]