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Computational Zoom on the iPhone 11 Pro

Google talks a big game about how they enhance zoomed photos in a feature they call Super Res Zoom, which I have tested in the past and found to be less effective than the additional hardware found in the iPhone XS. The Pixel 4 will be in my hands soon and I’ll be testing out […]

Astral Photography on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 3a

I installed the pre-release version of the Google Camera app with astral photography functionality on a Pixel 3a and tried it out compared to the iPhone 11 Pro. I don’t have a Pixel 4 yet to see how it does, but I hope to get one pretty soon and will of course do a similar head-to-head when I do.

I Want An “Exciting” Phone: or An Appreciation for Iteration

This is the Estwing 16 oz. Cureved-Claw Rip Hammer: Doesn’t look that crazy right? Surely this is just a random hammer I found at Home Depot, right? Nope, according to The Wirecutter, this is the best hammer money can buy. There are plenty of other hammers you can buy that are bigger, have crazy materials, […]

My Quick iOS 13.2 Video Options UI Revamp

iOS 13.2 beta 2 came out today for developers and Apple finally added the ability to change the video settings for resolution and frame rate from within the Camera app itself. This is great! We’ve been asking for this for years and it’s wonderful that it’s coming right around the corner. However, the UI for […]

Another Look at Deep Fusion

I happened to be wearing a sweater yesterday so I decided to take a selfie in low light and see if there were any differences. Here’s another couple shots where I got Deep Fusion to turn on and off. Long story short, I noticed a few differences, but you really need to look close to […]