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On Losing 3D Touch

Yes, I have used the modified version on the iPhone XR, and it’s simply not as good. I hope that using it everyday will make it click more with me, but I’m sad that not enough people knew about this feature.

Testing the Pixel’s Super Res Zoom and an Actual Telephoto Lens

All of the Pixel 3 and 3a phones have a feature called Super Res Zoom. This is one of Google’s many A.I. features they brag about and I wanted to see how well it did in the real world. To test this, I took the same photo 4 times. Pixel 3a at 1x zoom Pixel […]

Other Uses for Night Sight Photos

I’m a big fan of Night Sight mode on the Pixel line of phones. Qualms about it being a separate mode or making scenes look different from how they look to the naked eye are fine, but as an additive mode to all the normal photo modes on Pixels, I’m still a fan. But one […]

You Should Get the iPhone XR, Unless…

I was talking with a family member this weekend and the topic of phone upgrades came up. This person was using an iPhone 7 and was looking to upgrade to a new phone. They quickly ruled out anything that wasn’t an iPhone, which simplified the conversation, but the conversation didn’t quite go how I expected. […]