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Slow Sync Shutter on the iPhone 8 Makes the Flash Suck a Little Less

I’m not an expert at this stuff so bear with my simplified explanation, but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a new “slow sync” feature when using the flash. This essentially keeps the shutter open for a few moments longer than normal so that it can capture more color from an entire scene, not just what the flash hits directly.

Comparing the iPhone 8 Plus camera to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus

Yesterday I compared the speed of the iPhone 8 Plus compared to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, and the brand new iPhone 8 wiped the floor with the iPhone 7. Today we’re taking a look at the cameras. I took some photos as well as some short videos while walking around on my lunch break yesterday and got what I think are some good (ahem) apples to apples comparisons.

2017 iPhone Rumors Roundup

I thought it would be fun to look back on calendar year 2017 and judge all the iPhone rumors now that we know what the new iPhones actually are. I used only rumors that made it to MacRumors since it was the best “pulse” I think is out there for this sort of thing.