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Beginning to test iPhone 8 Plus charging speeds

I’m preparing a week of serious testing of the many ways you can charge the iPhone 8 Plus. I have 4 different power bricks and 2 wireless chargers at my disposal, all of which will be used to charge the iPhone. I am only testing speed and nothing else. If you are morally opposed to using a charging pad or if you think “wireless charging” is a misnomer, then keep on walking, I will not be covering that here.

Studio Lighting on the iPhone 8 Plus is really something else

One of the coolest new features of the latest iPhone (Plus model only) is that we now have “studio lighting” options in portrait mode. These include 4 different types of lighting you can have simulate over a subject’s face. Apple touted this as one of their examples of using machine learning to create the effect, and I have to give them credit, this feature is very cool.

Slow Sync Shutter on the iPhone 8 Makes the Flash Suck a Little Less

I’m not an expert at this stuff so bear with my simplified explanation, but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a new “slow sync” feature when using the flash. This essentially keeps the shutter open for a few moments longer than normal so that it can capture more color from an entire scene, not just what the flash hits directly.

Comparing the iPhone 8 Plus camera to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus

Yesterday I compared the speed of the iPhone 8 Plus compared to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, and the brand new iPhone 8 wiped the floor with the iPhone 7. Today we’re taking a look at the cameras. I took some photos as well as some short videos while walking around on my lunch break yesterday and got what I think are some good (ahem) apples to apples comparisons.

2017 iPhone Rumors Roundup

I thought it would be fun to look back on calendar year 2017 and judge all the iPhone rumors now that we know what the new iPhones actually are. I used only rumors that made it to MacRumors since it was the best “pulse” I think is out there for this sort of thing.