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The most evolved representation of the iPhone

Jony Ive said this in the design video for the iPhone 7 last September, and the line struck me at the time as an indication that this was the ultimate form of the original iPhone design. Like any truly great design, they’ve chipped away at all the loose edges of this 2007 design and made it better along the way. They’ve made it thinner, lighter, have better screens, narrower bezels, better speakers, waterproofing, and just generally added higher quality materials. The iPhone 7 is an astonishingly well-made phone.

Is this the first iPhone 8 leak?

We’ve made it all the way to April without so much as a peep from the supply chain on any leaked parts from this fall’s new iPhone. That may have changed this morning as a someone posted what could be the schematics for the new phone to Weibo.

10 years of iPhone

I think the iPhone will go down as the single most important consumer tech product released in my lifetime. The personal computer likely gets the edge for those a bit older than me (the Macintosh came out just over a year before I was born), but the impact of the smartphone can not be overstated, and the iPhone is the clear jumping off point.

Concept: Touch Bar on the iPhone

This is out there, but indulge me for a minute. We can all agree the Touch Bar is going to be on more Macs than just the MacBook Pros that just came out. It will likely be a staple of all Macs from 2017 on, but what if Apple’s aspirations for the Touch Bar are […]