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2017 iPhone Rumors Roundup

I thought it would be fun to look back on calendar year 2017 and judge all the iPhone rumors now that we know what the new iPhones actually are. I used only rumors that made it to MacRumors since it was the best “pulse” I think is out there for this sort of thing.

A $150 Android phone’s camera challenges the $769 iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is widely regarded to have one of if not the best cameras in any smartphone out there. Meanwhile, the Nextbit Robin was released last spring and cost $399. At the time it was described as having a decent, but not amazing camera, and at about $150-200 in most places now, this phone is far more affordable than the iPhone. No one expects the Robin to keep up with the iPhone, but let’s just play a game and see how these stack up.

The most evolved representation of the iPhone

Jony Ive said this in the design video for the iPhone 7 last September, and the line struck me at the time as an indication that this was the ultimate form of the original iPhone design. Like any truly great design, they’ve chipped away at all the loose edges of this 2007 design and made it better along the way. They’ve made it thinner, lighter, have better screens, narrower bezels, better speakers, waterproofing, and just generally added higher quality materials. The iPhone 7 is an astonishingly well-made phone.