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Purposely Breaking the iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode

Apple shipped the iOS 10.1 beta this week with it’s much anticipated “portrait mode” on the iPhone 7 Plus. Lots of people are sharing the beautiful pictures this feature can create. So I wondered what the limits of this feature was, as Apple seems to have designed it for shots like the ones above. What if you took shots it wasn’t really designed for? To find out, I took a few shots during my run this morning. I took very little time to compose anything and have not done any post-processing to these, they’re exactly as they came out of the camera app.

Initial Impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus

I just got my iPhone 7 Plus delivered last night, so I’m a week late to the party, but I felt I had to share some thoughts on the first 12 hours with the phone.

The iPhone 6 Design is Defined by Compromises

I wanted to take a minute and explain why I think the iPhone 6/6s design is still the most boring, most obviously compromised vision of what the iPhone deign should be since its inception.