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Is This What We Can Expect from 2016’s iPhone?

An unbelievable streak ended yesterday as Apple announced their first quarterly drop in revenue since 2003. Now Apple is not doomed by any means, they still made $10 billion in profits, but it does seem that we have hit a peak of some significance. 65% of Apple’s revenue is from the iPhone, and since Apple […]

Let’s Stop Calling Them “Smartphone Cameras”

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and start calling the cameras in our phones what they really are, cameras. Yup, they’re just plain old cameras. There’s no longer a need to specify that they’re not a “real camera” anymore. I know it’s semantics, but I think it’s important to realize what these things have become over the past 8 years.

iPhone 6S Plus Review

“The new iPhone X is the best iPhone Apple has ever made” is a silly statement and one that we always hear in iPhone reviews this time of year. Of course it’s the best iPhone ever, it would be pretty embarrassing if it wasn’t! It’s also a little silly to say that you don’t need […]

My Favorite 3rd Party Apps That Use 3D Touch

I gave The Verge a little grief for saying that most apps won’t have 3D Touch until the iPhone 7 is released. Well, it’s been 3 weeks and tons of apps have been updated with at least some 3D Touch goodness. Most apps only have home screen shortcuts so far, but others are going a […]

My Late 2015 Reminder that Real Cameras are Still Better

I love the iPhone and one of my favorite features of is the camera. Year after year, Apple ups their game with incredible cameras, and tech reviewers gush over how great the cameras are on smartphones these days. This is great since 90%+ of most people’s photos come from their phone. However, I take umbridge […]