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My Late 2015 Reminder that Real Cameras are Still Better

I love the iPhone and one of my favorite features of is the camera. Year after year, Apple ups their game with incredible cameras, and tech reviewers gush over how great the cameras are on smartphones these days. This is great since 90%+ of most people’s photos come from their phone. However, I take umbridge […]

The Annual Short-Lived iPhone Controversy

A new iPhone is out and of course we have bend tests hitting YouTube as everyone tries their best to recapture the 67 million views that Unbox Therapy got last year. All tests I’ve seen indicate that the new iPhones are much stronger than lady year’s models. Yay, Bendgate is finally over! But wait a […]

My Expectations for this Fall’s iPhone Lineup

We’re likely less than one month out from Apple’s September event, and it’s about that time when people start to make their predictions for what the new iPhone lineup will be. Some of the guesses out there are a little, well, out there. There are many, many crazy guesses and even the top names in […]

Another Year of the Most Boring iPhone Design

I was rolling my iPhone 6 Plus around in my hand last night (like you do) and I realized that I was saddened by the thought that Apple was sticking with this design for at least another year. Apple could flip the script on us this September and release the iPhone 7 with completely different […]

Slickwraps vs. dbrand Skins: Which Is Right For You?

Updated March 2017: I bought a new dbrand skin and made a video for it. Do you love your smartphone but wish it was just a little different? Maybe it could use more grip or maybe it needs a splash of color to stand out. The phone case market has happily taken care of these […]