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Podcast #195: Micro.blog, the Open Web, and Good Vibes

I can only really say nice things about Micro.blog and it felt like it was time to have an episode about only good stuff. Here’s Manton’s post that got me thinking about Micro.blog again this morning.

What’s Great about Micro.blog

Manton Reece – Tumblr and… App.net Micro.blog is also designed around blogs because it gives immediate value to the platform, insulating it against the network effect that drives the success or failure of most other social networks: not all your friends are there yet. Unlike ad-supported platforms, Micro.blog aligns its business model with customer needs. […]

Only Two Types of People in the World

From SuperSaf: There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who absolutely have to have a headphone jack and those who don’t care.

A New Look for Quick BIN Lookup

Most of you probably don’t know, but I run a small, but shockingly popular credit card BIN lookup site called Quick BIN Lookup. I launched the site in early 2016 and have made some small updates over time to make it faster and more reliable. But the look and feel remained the same. In 2016 […]