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The 50 best iOS games of last year

AppAdvice has put together a great list of the best iOS games from 2016. Not only is the list a solid representation of the best gaming on iOS, but their web designers did a bang up job with the layout of this page. It’s stunning!

Matt Gemmell on Ulysses vs Scrivener

I absolutely love Ulysses myself, and was honestly expecting Matt to say something to the effect of “Ulysses is great, but Scrivener is just better for my type of writing. His take is absolutely worth reading, especially if you are debating which of these premium-priced writing apps to buy.

Final Fantasy 15 is Fastest Selling Title in Series’ History

Just this morning I reported that Pokémon Sun and Moon had the best first week of sales for any Pokémon game ever, and now we have word that Final Fantasy 15 moved 5 million units (physical and digital) in it’s first day on the market. As you may have already guessed, that’s also the best […]