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Chaos Theory and iOS 13

Ulysses blog Let me have a word or two on iOS 13, especially the way it was released to the public, and what this means for developers: It’s a mess. It was a moving target from WWDC up to release, down to 13.1, and it’s still moving. As a result, our own release is a […]

A Massive Step Forward at a Perfect Time

Michael is a good friend and is upgrading from the iPhone 8, which gives him a slightly different perspective than most iPhone reviews this year. Personal, concise, and well written review.

A Celebration of iOS’s Unbelievable Software Library

From iOS To Android And Back Again – Greg Morris Apps from the same developer often work different, look different or are missing functions (even Googles) on Android. Which is a huge shame given the open nature of the platform. Sure you can ‘do anything’ with your device, but the quality of software to go […]

The Phantom Tech Backlash

Opinion | There Is No Tech Backlash – The New York Times But everybody’s complaining about technology all the time — there’s nothing more on-trend than lamenting our ephemeral hashtag culture. So it’s easy to believe that there really is a roiling tech backlash that will somehow head off any dystopian outcomes, while we lean […]

Apple Could Flip a Switch and Kill Wear OS

After testing some of the latest smart watches from Fossil and Samsung this spring, I can attest to the wide gap between what Android options are out there and what Apple is offering to iPhone users.