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All the Black Friday Deals You Could Imagine

The best Black Friday sales on apps, movies, and more on MDMDeals I’ve looked through over 3,000 apps and movies on sale to bring you just the best deals worth your time and money. You’re welcome. There are some great deals on this is list for iOS and macOS (and even a few movies at […]

2018: Breaking Out of My Podcaster Shell

I typically treat BirchTree as a solo project, and while that is still very much the case today, I have made an effort to say yes more to doing things with other people. Specifically, I have said yes to doing a few podcasts that I really enjoyed listening to. If you want to catch up […]

You Already Have the Tools You Need

Paying for things like Ulysses, Final Cut Pro X, a fancy microphone, and a Creative Cloud subscription can absolutely help you do more and improve aspects of your work, but don’t let the lack of any of that prevent you from actually doing the work now.