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The Apple Watch from an Android User’s Perspective

I’m an Android user who tried the Apple Watch for a month — it’s now the only smartwatch I’ll recommend And whether you’ve obstinately rooted yourself in the anti-Apple Watch camp or not, it’s impossible to deny, too, that the Apple Watch has become a real fashion statement. For better or worse, it has become […]

Is MVP Enough?

Why minimum viable products are no longer enough A professional test pilot in an experimental aircraft doesn’t need a cozy place to sit, whereas a passenger on a commercial jet will expect a pillow and a soda—preferably the whole can. To make this point clearer in an MVP-ridden world of computational products that are missing […]

You Should Make the iPad Your New Laptop

Why You Should Ditch Your Laptop For iPad Pro – The Brooks Review Drawing to Excel — you name it. There used to be limitations with what you could do on an iPad — but those limitations are melting away, the last vestige being iOS developers looking longingly at a better. These are the people you […]

Night Modes: Fight!

Night Sight fight expanded: The Pixel 4 is no match for the iPhone 11 in low light | Macworld It’s subtle, but more often than not, the iPhone produced richer, more detailed shots without losing the natural darkness. I find it really interesting how almost every iPhone-focused person thinks the iPhone 11 is better in […]

MDM Deals Has All the Black Friday Deals You Need

I don’t do much with Black Friday sales but MDM Deals has a great collection of deals on apps and movies. Mini Metro and iStat Menus are my favorite deals if you haven’t gotten these yet.