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Apple Card and a “New” Apple Inc.

Apple Card is the product that finally killed the Apple fan in me – TNW Well, it’s happened. Apple is no longer a creator of attractive goods and services you want in your life, now it’s officially a financial institution following profit at all costs, wooo! Join me in giving a round of applause to […]

How to Start Blogging (the answer is not “figure out your SEO”)

Focussing on the Wrong Things When Starting a Blog – Chris Hannah I think that, especially when you are starting to write a blog, nearly everything that I see being suggested is detrimental. Everyone’s telling you to start worrying about SEO, prioritise getting your website linked to from popular websites, working out monetisation, creating a […]

A Celebration of Fast Software

Drafts, Overcast, Reeder, Tweetbot, Ferrite, Sketch, Apple Maps, and Safari are all apps I use specifically use because they feel fast and let me get things done as fast as I can think about them.

J.J. Abrams on His Projects, and Coincidentally My Feelings About the Galaxy Fold

Your Robot Overlord – Fast Company (Apple News+ link) “This entire enterprise has been a response to the question, ‘What if?’ ” Abrams says. “The great stories, the ones I love, all seem to come from a ‘what if?’ ” This sums up my favorite media as well, but in a weird way, it also […]

A Galaxy of Confusion

Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s the best smartwatch? – CNET For the price, it’s hard to go past the Galaxy Watch Active, especially considering compatibility across Android and iOS. It offers a great range of fitness features, a comfortable fit for smaller wrists especially and a strong showing in battery life. […]