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The Loop, Pulling No Punches

The New York Times shaming of a crying reporter is shameful Hey Jack, here’s a piece of advice for you. Before you call people down for, you know, being compassionate human beings (and bloggers), maybe you should take a look in the mirror and decide how you can be less of a complete total fuckhead. […]

My Own Claim Chowder

John Gruber’s “claim chowder” is one of my favorite running gags in the Apple blogging world, and I thought I’d take tonight, the night before we see a bunch of new iPhones and Apple Watches, to look back on some claims and positions I’ve taken over the past few years and see how they stack […]

Micahel Tsai on Apple’s Odd Response to Project Zero’s Disclosure

Michael “blogs” 😉 Most people would consider “fewer than a dozen” to be “a small collection.” But in Apple-speak, there were “a small number” of corrupt App Store binaries causing crashes, and “a small number” of MacBook Pro users experiencing butterfly keyboard problems, not to be confused with the “very small number” of iPhones that […]

Podcast #195: Micro.blog, the Open Web, and Good Vibes

I can only really say nice things about Micro.blog and it felt like it was time to have an episode about only good stuff. Here’s Manton’s post that got me thinking about Micro.blog again this morning.

What’s Great about Micro.blog

Manton Reece – Tumblr and… App.net Micro.blog is also designed around blogs because it gives immediate value to the platform, insulating it against the network effect that drives the success or failure of most other social networks: not all your friends are there yet. Unlike ad-supported platforms, Micro.blog aligns its business model with customer needs. […]