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2018: Breaking Out of My Podcaster Shell

I typically treat BirchTree as a solo project, and while that is still very much the case today, I have made an effort to say yes more to doing things with other people. Specifically, I have said yes to doing a few podcasts that I really enjoyed listening to. If you want to catch up […]

You Already Have the Tools You Need

Paying for things like Ulysses, Final Cut Pro X, a fancy microphone, and a Creative Cloud subscription can absolutely help you do more and improve aspects of your work, but don’t let the lack of any of that prevent you from actually doing the work now.

Windows on Chromebooks will Burn Microsoft?

Android Central has this piece on why allowing Microsoft Windows to dual boot on Chromebooks will end up ruining, uh, Windows’ reputation. The touted advantages of a simpler, faster and smoother Chrome experience on inexpensive hardware not optimized for Windows may be exaggerated when Windows is “unfairly” assessed in a “side-by-side” on-device comparison. One can […]

Ghost Blogging Platform Hits 2.0

I  was a big supporter of Ghost, the open source blogging platform when it launch years ago, and they just announced they’re releasing their version 2.0 today (well, yesterday). I haven’t used them in years, and I never stuck around for too long since it lacked a lot of third party integrations and app support. […]