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Ghost Blogging Platform Hits 2.0

I  was a big supporter of Ghost, the open source blogging platform when it launch years ago, and they just announced they’re releasing their version 2.0 today (well, yesterday). I haven’t used them in years, and I never stuck around for too long since it lacked a lot of third party integrations and app support. […]

Appearance on The Outpost Podcast

I had the honor of joining the lovely Daryl Baxter on his podcast, The Outpost Show, this week. If you don’t know Daryl, he’s an iPad fiend like myself, and we spent an hour talking about everything iPad. Topics include: Why a 27″ iPad is a great idea How we use an iPad for our […]

USB-C on iOS Could “Lift All Ships”

Chris Hannah on an advantage of iPads getting USB-C: It would boost the USB C world just slightly more. Or at least move in the direction of having a single port that’s available on all Apple devices. I waxed (semi) poetic about why I didn’t see a big draw to Apple adopting USB-C for its […]

Don’t Wait For Tech Giants to “Fix” News for You

Thanks, Google!: It’s been just over five years since Google shut down the Google Reader. I was surprised to see a lot of people are still bitter with them about it, even though ahem independent alternatives continue to exist and thrive. And: The problem is that the tech giants are successful because they make things […]

Instapaper Relaunches Their Premium Service

Good for them! I subscribed immediately because Instapaper is the only read-later service I can stand and I want them to be around for the long haul.