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The Desktop Web Gets a Little Closer to Mobile

Page Lifecycle 1 This proposal attempts to define what the lifecycle of a web page is and add needed extensions to enable web applications to respond to two important lifecycle events commonly performed by user agents: Tab discarding (for memory saving) CPU suspension (for battery, data, CPU saving) This feature was added in Chrome 68 […]

One More Thing on the Hammer

Uninformed Purchases – Initial Charge I try to avoid making purchases like this, though. I know that my life will be more pleasant if the items I’m surrounded with represent the best in their category. The less friction that these objects introduce into my life, the more time I can spend on what matters most. […]

Twitter Shares Fall, and That Might Actually Make Sense

Twitter shares fall after report says account suspensions to cause user decline Shares of Twitter Inc fell 9 percent on Monday after a report said the social media company had suspended more than 70 million fake accounts in May and June, which could lead to a decline of monthly active users in the second quarter. […]

It’s Not TV, It’s…Well Now It’s Basically Just TV

HBO’s next year will be ‘like childbirth,’ AT&T media CEO tells employees – The Verge The bigger picture seems to be that Stankey is talking about turning HBO into more of a direct Netflix competitor — something that doesn’t just focus on prestige content, but also includes a wider variety of shows and movies for […]

The Mental Burden of Voice Interfaces

9to5Toys has a review of the Amazon Fire Cube and this bit stood out to me: In theory, having complete voice control over your home theater feels like the way of the future. Siri and Apple TV have dabbled lightly in this area when it comes to surfacing content, and eliminating the need to dig […]